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Solar Dry Insulation - Manages Moisture in Walls

There are concerns with both rigid foam and mineral wool insulation. Rigid foam can trap moisture between itself and exterior wall sheathing, while porous, semi-rigid mineral wool insulation takes on moisture. Solar Dry is a multi-functional patent pending insulation system that allows walls to breathe while channeling moisture to the outside.

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Interior Basement & Masonry Insulation System

Fibrous insulations absorb moisture. Consequently they perform poorly on the inside of masonry and concrete walls. CIS is a proprietary framing and insulation system designed specifically for interior basement, concrete and masonry walls. CIS does not absorb moisture and meets code compliancy as part of an air, vapour and radon barrier system.

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T&G Connect - Structure & Continuous Insulation Combined

Strapping over rigid insulation is a time consuming two step process. Tongue and Groove Connect is an all in one strapping and continuous insulation system. 3/4" thick x 2.5" wide plywood battens are imbedded within the foam insulation panels. Battens fasten directly to framing members. In turn, heavy cladding materials fasten to battens. Batten spacing - 16" or 24" centres.

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Sub-Grade Insulation - Impermeable Concrete Insulation

Conventional foam insulation products are easily damaged. To mitigate the effect of moisture absorption and radon gas emissions they require a layer of polyethylene. SGI is rugged and durable. Impermeable polymer films are laminated to both sides of its EPS core. When joints are taped, SGI achieves code compliancy as part of a radon and vapour barrier system.

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Multi-Purpose Insulation - Works Just About Everywhere

Labeled R-value is the rating standard for insulation products. Effective R-value is the performance rating for insulated wall assemblies in "real world" environments. Tested by a 3rd party laboratory, 1 inch MPI blended with fibreglass doubled the effective R-value of wood frame and concrete wall assemblies. Effective R-value is now the recognized standard for the National Building Code of Canada.

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Warm Floor Insulation - Increases Comfort of Floors

Our feet are in constant contact with floors. Typical under flooring products do little to increase comfort. Warm Floor is an impermeable high density EPS foam subfloor that increases the comfort of floors by up to 7 degrees. Rigid flooring, such as laminate and engineered flooring install easily over Warm Floor. No fasteners or adhesive required.

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