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Solar Dry Insulation (SDI) - Manages Moisture in Walls

There are concerns with both rigid foam and mineral wool insulation. Rigid foam can trap moisture between itself and exterior wall sheathing, while porous, semi-rigid mineral wool insulation takes on moisture. Check out a multi-functional insulation system that allows walls to breathe while channeling moisture to the outside.

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Interior Basement & Concrete Insulation System (CIS)

The Quik-Therm Interior Basement & Concrete Insulation System (CIS) is a patented rigid foam insulation and framing system. CIS is designed for interior basements, concrete & masonry walls and heritage buildings. CIS meets code compliancy as an air, vapour and/or radon barrier.

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T&G Connect (Connect)

High performance rigid insulation system with built-in structure. 3/4" thick X 2 1/2" wide X 8' long plywood furring/strapping are embedded within Connect insulation panels. The plywood furring attaches directly to framing members. In-turn, heavy cladding materials are fastened to the furring strips.

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Sub-Grade Insulation (SGI)

SGI is designed for below grade foundation walls and beneath concrete floors. Flexible and durable. Provides superior R-value performance. May meet code compliancy as a radon and vapour barrier. Available in rolls & sheets. Variable thicknesses and densities.

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Multi-Purpose Insulation (MPI)

MPI can meet code compliancy as an air and vapour barrier and weather resistant barrier (WRB). Available in rolls and sheets. Variable densities and thicknesses. As reported by a certified laboratory; blended with fibreglass insulation, MPI doubled the effective R-value of many wall assemblies.

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Warm Floor Insulation

Warm Floor is a high density EPS foam subfloor designed and engineered for insulating the top side of unheated concrete floors. Finished materials such as laminate and engineered flooring are easily installed directly on top of Quik-Therm Warm Floor - without the need for adhesives and fasteners.

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