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Added Value Insulation Technologies


Quik-Therm is committed to creating superior insulation solutions that save energy and protect people and the environment. Quik-Therm products and systems are manufactured utilizing advanced metallic polymer facers and Eco-responsible Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). Both technologies are commonly used in the food packaging industry.

It Doesn't Cost to Build Green ...

It Pays!


When energy savings are considered, the added cost for insulation and air sealing (weatherizing) is really an investment.


For example, if the cost of quality insulation and air sealing adds $5000 to the initial cost of your home and you get a 30 year mortgage at 3%; the monthly increase in the mortgage payment is $21. If the energy savings reduce your monthly utility bills by just $30, you will accrue a monthly return on investment of $9. The faster energy prices rise the greater the ROI.

Double Vapour Barrier Traps Moisture in Walls

Moisture management is the single most important factor in the design and construction of sustainable buildings and mold control.  Approximately 90% of all building construction problems are related to water.  We have the solution HERE.


Labelled R-Values are Poor Performance Indicators


In recent years, the focus of building code and regulatory officials, professionals and researchers has shifted towards the performance of the entire wall system.  Therefore, it is not sufficient to characterize the wall by its R-value alone, as was the case in the past.


Green Homes Sell for More



According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, energy efficient features influence the decision of 72 percent of buyers, and 61 percent would be willing to pay $5,000 more for a house if it meant having lower utility bills.


What Insulation System do you Want in YOUR Basement ?


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