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Added Value Insulation Technologies

The key is to embrace disruptive technology early. It is always the result of intelligent effort.

Solar Dry Insulation (SDI) - Promotes Drying in Walls

Over 90% of all building problems are related to water. Unlike continuous rigid fiber insulation that encourages air and vapour flow into and through it, Solar Dry promotes drying to the outside in small impermeable drainage cavities. All in one Rainscreen, Drying Plane, WRB (second plane of defense) and Rigid Continuous Insulation System.

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Sub-Grade Insulation (SGI) - Tested Impermeable

Ground Gas Protection and Insulation System combined. Rugged and durable. Fast & easy to install. No poly required. Tested Impermeable by Canadian accredited laboratories. Air and Radon gas don’t go through it, and neither does vapour. Environmentally responsible. No LTTR. 98% air, 2% polymer plastic.

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Interior Basement & Masonry Insulation System (CIS)

Fibrous insulations absorb moisture. Consequently they perform poorly on the inside of masonry and concrete walls. CIS is a proprietary framing and insulation system designed specifically for interior basement, concrete and masonry walls. CIS meets code compliancy as part of an air, vapour and radon barrier system.

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T&G Connect - Structure & Continuous Insulation Combined

Strapping over rigid insulation is a time consuming two step process. Tongue and Groove Connect is an all in one strapping and continuous insulation system. 3/4" thick x 2.5" wide plywood battens are imbedded within the foam insulation panels. Battens fasten directly to framing members. In turn, heavy cladding materials fasten to battens. Batten spacing - 16" or 24" centres.

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Air Dry Connect - Structure, Insulation & Drying Plane

Air Dry Connect is a mixture of Quik-Therm Solar Dry and T&G Connect. Similar to Solar Dry, Air Dry has an inherent drainage plane that allows walls to dry by channeling moisture to the outside. Like Connect, Air Dry has T&G connections with 3/4" thick x 2.5" wide built-in plywood battens spaced 16" or 24" O.C.

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Multi-Purpose Insulation (MPI) - Works Almost Everywhere

Innovative Passive House designs incorporate MPI as part of the air barrier, vapour retarder and insulation system. MPI is effectively impermeable, durable and damage resistant. It works for pre-engineered, steel, wood frame and concrete buildings - flat or curved surfaces. MPI is available in sheets and rolls - variable sizes and thicknesses.

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Warm Floor Insulation - Increases Comfort of Floors

Our feet are in constant contact with floors. Typical under flooring products do little to increase comfort. Warm Floor is an impermeable high density EPS foam subfloor that increases the comfort of floors by up to 7 degrees. Rigid flooring, such as laminate and engineered flooring install easily over Warm Floor. No fasteners or adhesive required.

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